Nippon matsuri Japanese Festival in San Marino

Events and celebrations will take place on the occasion of the 4th anniversary of the Jinja Temple in San Marino from 29 June to 1 July.

The main events program is available here.

Official program

Friday 29 June

12.00 AM in Palazzo Pubblico inauguration of the photographic exhibition on Japan. Exhibition of the works of the American photographer Joe O’Donnell. Every day from June 29th to July 12th from 8.00 AM hours to 8 PM

Saturday 30 June

Inauguration of the Nippon Matsuri

  • 12.30 AM – 1.30 PM at Righi La Taverna demonstration of the tea ceremony
  • 1.40 PM – 2.10 PM at UNIRSM demonstration and dressing Yutaka Summer Kimono
  • 2.20 PM – 2.50 PM Koto Performance
  • 2.50 PM – 3.10 PM Bon-Odori and Japanese songs
  • 6.00 PM at Podere Lesignano, in honor of the anniversary of the Jinja ceremony at the Jinja Shrine and concert by Akiko Yatani violinist of world renown, Green Tea and small Japanese treats for the guests
  • 9.30 PM in Piazza della Libertà Righi La Taverna Hocho-shiki
  • 8.00 PM in Piazza della Libertà Righi la Taverna, gala dinner in collaboration with the restaurant Righi la Taverna di Sartini. Guests Japanese chefs of world-renowned chefs Negishi and Mrs Hiroko Ishihara
  • Japanese Drums Performance and Koto performance (Japanese Harp)
  • 10.30 PM on the facade of the public building screenings Video Mapping
  • 11.00 PM in the old Town parade with lanterns

Sunday 1 July

  • 10.00 AM – 6.00 PM in Piazza della Libertà gastronomic Stand of Japanese culinary specialties (tofu, Japanese ice cream, sushi, green tea Macha, origami, sake)
  • 5.00 PM Cultural Exchange Kiwakai demonstration by Kyoto and performance exhibition “The Children and the Court of Olnano San Marino”

Download the complete Nippon Matsuri program